Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Josh Robbins - I'm Still Josh

Sunday March 18th at 9pm EST I will be speaking with an amazing activist and Blogger Josh Robbins of Tennessee on POZ I AM Radio. Josh Robbins didn't know one person. Not even one person that was HIV Positive on Jan.23, 2012. On Jan. 24, 2012, he knew one-- himself. Living in the heart of the bible belt in Nashville, Josh was the poster boy for prevention. (LITERALLY on the poster for the HIV Vaccine Program at Vanderbilt)

He was active in the LGBT community raising awareness, funding and talking about prevention of the disease. But although it should have, the message didn't affect him. So he was infected with HIV by a beautiful young man that didn't realize he was positive.

Now less than a month after being told the heart-stopping result of -- "You're HIV Positive" -- Josh started a blog called imstilljosh.com promoting the need to begin dialogue in the South, where an epidemic of new infections are occurring, about prevention and a simple message to break down the stigma attached with HIV in Nashville. "I'm still Josh. You still be YOU!"- Josh

Visit Josh at www.imstilljosh.com

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