Thursday, February 23, 2012

Logan Voxx - Positive Young People Foundation

Sunday February 26th at 9pm EST we will be speaking with Logan Voxx on POZ I AM Radio. Logan Voxx is the president and CEO of the PYP foundation based in Los Angeles, CA. He is an award winning songwriter and aspiring music mogul. He is a small retail business owner also.

Logan Voxx has been distinguished as a 2011 OUT100 honoree. He has been involved in philanthropy since he was 21 using his success to give back to communities that need it most. He founded PYP Foundation at only 21.

The PYP Foundation is dedicated to decreasing the spread of HIV infections by encouraging the nation’s youth to make positive choices. PYP encourages HIV education and prevention to address some of the most intimate aspects of a young persons life during a critical stage of development. PYP believes that HIV prevention is fundamentally about communication, healthy choices, and self-awareness.

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