Saturday, January 19, 2013

Alexander Smith - Bless Your Virus

On Sunday January 20th at 9pm EST, Alexander Smith will be sharing his story on the POZ I AM Radio Show. Alexander Smith is a teacher, licensed clinical social worker, coach, writer, speaker, actor, and artist. Living with HIV since 2003, he was diagnosed on St. Patrick’s Day, and views that “lucky” day as the moment he began to live. In June of 2011, he was featured on CNN, commemorating 30 years of HIV/AIDS. Coming Out with his status has shifted the isolation, stigma, discrimination, and judgement that has accompanied his journey with the virus. Through this courageous and necessary action, more love, support, friendship, health, and abundance has graced his life. He is the vision behind Bless Your Virus, a movement and conversation aimed to inform and inspire. Its mission is to: Deconstruct shame, stigma and secrets, spread compassion, courage, connection, kindness and kinship and teach others a mindfulness as they learn to bless their fear, disease, and virus. 4.Speak the C Word (cure).
Alexander is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, and is currently living in Southern California. He has studied film and theater, earned a bachelor’s degree in human development from Brigham Young University, and a master’s of social work from the University of Utah. Shortly after his diagnosis he started using crystal meth as a means to feel alive, invincible, and uninfected. Coming In to an awareness of divine self, primarily through meditation and yoga, Alexander has experienced years of sobriety. Alexander is passionate about people, theater, film, food, wine, travel, watercolors, cashmere, coffee, mornings and men. He is a gifted therapist and coach and his practice is primarily based online from the comfort and coziness of your couch (via SKYPE or FACETIME). For more information about Alexander and his work, to view the CNN interview, or read his monthly column, Cashmere Sex. Visit for more information.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Josh Kruger - Shares his story

On Sunday January 13th at 9pm EST Josh Kruger will be sharing his story on the POZ I AM Radio Show. Josh Kruger, a child of the nineties, grew up in a rural town in Pennsylvania.  In 2002, he moved to Philadelphia where he attended the University of Pennsylvania studying political science and anthropology.  For five years, he worked in community and LGBT non-profit development, fundraising, and marketing.  Diagnosed as HIV positive in his late twenties, he left the non-profit industry and started Emapwerks, his company focusing on writing, editing, and marketing, in 2012.

Josh writes often utilizing his personal perspective with sero-discordant relationships, online sex and dating, alcoholism, homelessness, Philadelphia's street economy, and depression.  In particular, he writes on LGBT political issues, small business, HIV/AIDS, gay culture, bathhouses, sex, alcohol and drug abuse, and personal ethics.  His work has been produced predominantly for Philadelphia-based print publications and national blogs and his Myers-Briggs personality type indicator is ENTJ.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Jason King - AIDS Healthcare Foundation

On January 6th at 9pm EST Jason King shared his story and spoke about AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Jason King, a transplant from Los Angeles, California, lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his partner. He started working for AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) in 2010 in the organization's pharmacy division where he discovered his passion for patient advocacy.

King now serves as Advocacy and Legislative Affairs Manager in AHF's Southern Bureau, where he leads local and nationwide advocacy efforts and maintains relations with state and federal officials. King has been HIV positive for 6 years and aims to have an active role in reducing stigma that revolves around HIV/AIDS especially in the gay community.

As a former beneficiary of the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, King seeks to preserve the program as he joins others in protecting and expanding its capacity to provide lifesaving therapy to those in need. In his free time, King is a runner, a Pride Center volunteer and a classical pianist. Jason was also named

he ADAP Advocacy Associations's (aaa+) 2011 Emerging Leader of the Year!

December 2012 Guests

On Sunday December 9th Jason Villalobos shared his story on the POZ I AM Radio Show. 
 Jason Villalobos is an HIV/AIDS activist and national spokesperson for the Greater Than AIDS Campaign. Diagnosed with AIDS some 8 years ago, he has since dedicated his life to helping eradicate the shame and stigma associated with the disease.

Through public appearances, direct lobbying of elected officials, and partnering with local non-profits in San Francisco, Jason has advocated for more funding and charitable giving through his high profile in the HIV/AIDS activist world.Last World AIDS Day Jason shared his story with in the FACES of AIDS Video Series.

On Sunday December 16th Ken Warnock shared his story on the POZ I AM Radio Show. Ken Warnock served three years in the Navy prior to being discharged for being gay before “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was even enacted. As a Navy Hospital corpsman, he was involved in the roll out of HIV testing of US military personnel in the mid-80’s. After the Navy, Ken used his military training as a Surgical Technologist to gain employment upon his return home to Michigan. As a result of his experience with discrimination, he became an advocate for gay rights and became involved in a number of local organizations. When DADT was being discussed, Ken was a common local media presence.

In 1988, he contracted Hepatitis B from a scalpel injury during a surgical procedure. This did not preclude him from working in the OR, however, when he was diagnosed with HIV & AIDS in 2002, a routine test demonstrated the presence of the Hepatitis B E-antigen which meant that he could no longer perform invasive surgical procedures. He has become an Adjunct Faculty member at Macomb Community College and at Oakland Community College where he teaches Surgical Technology and Central Services Technology. He also works full-time as a shift supervisor in the Sterile Processing Department of a local hospital.

On Sunday December 30th James Breinig shared his story for the first time on POZ I AM Radio. James Breinig lives in southern NJ. James is 29 years old and on November 2, 2010 He thought his life was over. He tested positive for HIV at the Washington West Project in Philadelphia. Not knowing a lot about the disease, He was convinced his life from that point on would be one of pain and suffering. A little over two years later his life has absolutely changed for the better! As time went on he felt that he really wanted to share his story. Not because it is Hollywood material but because it is very similar to a lot of other HIV positive individuals. His hope is that it will touch someone newly diagnosed or someone who has been living with it for years, who may be afraid to tell anyone, and to let them know they're going to be okay.

In the past two years James has learned a lot and he wants to continue educating himself so that he can share that with others. He has been lucky in that he has been showered with love and support, but he knows that not everyone out there is in the same boat. He thinks a big reason is that HIV is still a taboo subject. If more HIV positive people share their story, everyone they reach out to now knows someone who is living with it and hopefully they can see that HIV isn't WHO they are, only something they are living with. It is absolutely possible to lead a long, healthy life thanks to great strides in medicine. He believes that silence only fuels the stigma still surrounding HIV/AIDS, He would like to break that silence one person at a time.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Philip & Justin B. Terry Smith - Positive Parents

On Sunday December 2nd at 9pm EST, Philip & Justin B. Terry Smith will be sharing about the love they have for each other and what it is like to be parents

Justin B. Terry-Smith, 32, has been an HIV and Gay Civil Rights activist in the Washington DC area since 1999. An Air Force veteran, he was honorably discharged with awards and decorations in 2003. He has served and volunteered in several organizations, including the Human Rights Campaign, Black AIDS Institute, Equality Maryland, Whitman Walker Health and the National Black Justice Coalition. Justin writes and has written for many publications including Black AIDS Institute,,, Baltimore Gay Life, POZIAM Radio and Swerve Magazine. He resides with his husband, Dr. Philip Terry-Smith in Laurel, MD. Justin created ‘Justin’s HIV Journal’ to advocate for HIV/AIDS education, prevention and awareness. In his journal he tells people about the trials and tribulations when it comes to living with HIV/AIDS. He is also a correspondent for GLO TV. He is also the Author of the HIV themed children’s book called, “I Have A Secret”, which is a story about a young boy living with HIV. Justin also presently writes an Advice Column called, ‘Just*in Time’ for A&U, America’s AIDS Magazine & is working on his HIV Campaign called, ‘Write A Letter to HIV Campaign’ He also is in Graduate School for his Master’s in Public Health

Philip B. Terry-Smith, Ph.D., Th.D., LPC., is in private practice as an executive and personal coach, counselor and organizational consultant. He has worked with many diverse populations and settings, noted for using creative approaches to help organizations and individuals meet and overcome challenges and has thus made a career of human service management and consulting. He has taught at all levels (graduate & undergraduate) for the many years in distance, “non- traditional” and “brick and mortar” schools including a 10 year stint in a high school. As a product of distance learning, he is most comfortable in that environment. He is on the Boards for the Atlas Performing Arts Center and is vice chair for APAC Manager. He is a commissioned officer in the Maryland Military Department, Md. Defense Force and is Sr. Clergy and a Chaplain for his Temple. When not working or volunteering, he is in studio producing music or in theatre Directing. His love for music and technical gadgetry presents an avocation for which he is quite fond and earned him the moniker “Dr. Gadget”. He is an avid motorcyclist and is honored to ride with the Patriot Guard. He currently resides in Maryland with his spouse Justin and their foster son.