Sunday, January 13, 2013

Josh Kruger - Shares his story

On Sunday January 13th at 9pm EST Josh Kruger will be sharing his story on the POZ I AM Radio Show. Josh Kruger, a child of the nineties, grew up in a rural town in Pennsylvania.  In 2002, he moved to Philadelphia where he attended the University of Pennsylvania studying political science and anthropology.  For five years, he worked in community and LGBT non-profit development, fundraising, and marketing.  Diagnosed as HIV positive in his late twenties, he left the non-profit industry and started Emapwerks, his company focusing on writing, editing, and marketing, in 2012.

Josh writes often utilizing his personal perspective with sero-discordant relationships, online sex and dating, alcoholism, homelessness, Philadelphia's street economy, and depression.  In particular, he writes on LGBT political issues, small business, HIV/AIDS, gay culture, bathhouses, sex, alcohol and drug abuse, and personal ethics.  His work has been produced predominantly for Philadelphia-based print publications and national blogs and his Myers-Briggs personality type indicator is ENTJ.

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