Saturday, October 30, 2010

November Shows & Guests

November 7th at 9pm EST
Michelle Anderson - One Positive Beauty Queen
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Michelle Anderson 
 Michelle Anderson is an African-American woman who has been living for HIV since 1999. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas and is very active in her community as Co-Chair of Campaign to End AIDS Texas , The Afiya Center Peer Educator , Public Speaker , as well as a board member for AIDS Services of Dallas, and ADAP Advocacy Association where she is the Treasurer. Michelle has dedicated much of her personal life to educating others on HIV/AIDS throughout the greater Dallas area and beyond. She plans to finish her degree in Social Work where she will be able to continue to spread the message, and educate people regarding HIV/AIDS. Michelle is has stepped out of the box and is currently Ms. Duncanville Plus America 2010 and 2011. She plans to use her title to become the voice of positive women of color. Michelle has experience as a group facilitator and has attended many conferences where she received training in Advocacy, Project LEAP (Learning, Empowerment, Advocacy, Participation), and Common Threads.

 November 14th at 9pm EST
Bradford McIntyre - Positively Positive
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Bradford McIntyre
HIV positive Canadian Bradford McIntyre promotes HIV and AIDS awareness and promotes messages of positive living with HIV.A long time survivor living with HIV since 1984, Bradford announced publicly in 1994 that he was living with HIV. "My work creating HIV and AIDS awareness globally has provided for many people, a face living with HIV and this has helped to bring hope to people infected that they too can live!" Bradford has appeared on national television and radio, in numerous newspaper and magazine interviews and documentaries; promoting HIV and AIDS awareness. Along with local, national and international speaking engagements, Bradford's articles on HIV and AIDS have been published in newspapers, magazines and on web sites around the world. Bradford's global impact is shown through a comprehensive, informative website. When you visit his website Positively Positive-Living with HIV/AIDS (, you will discover a wide variety of life affirming and supportive topics. He collaborates with individuals, groups and organizations throughout the world. Since 1994, whenever possible, Bradford has volunteered his time and energy to participate in HIV and AIDS causes.

 November 21st at 9pm EST 

During this episode of POZIAM RADIO, we will be discussing Meth and HIV/AIDS. Our friends from will be joining us for the first part of the show to talk about Meth and how it affects our bodies,our sex and our overall lives. was created because a lot of people make some potentially dangerous choices while we're high on speed. Some of these choices are about the sex we have and our sexual health. With the astonishing rise in new infections in the gay community due to meth use, we felt it was important to dedicate a show to the subject.

The second half of the show we will be joined by Greg Bersani. Greg was diagnosed about a year ago HIV+ and will be courageously sharing his personal story and his journey of  Meth, Recovery and HIV.

No matter how rough it gets, as someone stated before " You never know how strong you are, until strong is all that is left ".. I am ready to start to make a difference in the world - Gregory Bersani

November 28th at 9pm EST



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