Monday, July 2, 2012

Timothy Brown - 1st Man Cured of HIV talks to POZ I AM Radio

 This Sunday July 8th at 9pm EST I will be speaking with Timothy Ray Brown aka “The Berlin Patient”. Timothy Brown is the man who once had HIV. Although American, he was living in Berlin and receiving treatment for HIV when he was diagnosed in 2006 with leukemia. He was treated by Dr Gero Huetter who had a cutting-edge idea of treating his leukemia with a stem cell transplant from a person who was born immune to HIV infection. The rest is medical history. Timothy is recognized by international researchers as the first and only documented case of a person being cured of HIV. Now, almost 20 years after he was diagnosed, the 45 year old is, essentially, cured. He now lives in San Francisco and since he decided to out himself as the person who had been known only as “The Berlin Patient”, he has become a bit of a celebrity at various AIDS functions. His most important goal is to assist in making his cure provide an impetus for creating a universal cure for HIV which will be accessible and available to everyone regardless of their economic means or background. He believes that this is one of the most important challenges to medical scientists of our time. He is counting on your support in assisting the achievement of this goal.

 This past month some controversy has been stirring among scientists, activists, and the media due to developments in the case of the Berlin Patient. Timothy hopes to share his story and clear up some rumors.


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