Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Straight to the Point with Michael Lloyd

On Sunday June10th at 9pm EST,the POZ I AM Radio Show will be speaking with Michael Lloyd. Michael Lloyd an outspoken young man, from Orlando, Florida. He seems too young to be such a regarded leader when it comes to HIV/AIDS in the Orlando, and the central Florida area. For the past two and a half years and not only has he been an inspiration to others by fund raising for Hope and Help, a local HIV service organization but also through the efforts to share his story of his struggle after being diagnosed with HIV, on January 26, 2010. He simply presents himself as a confident man with the desire to improve the lives of all those dealing with the struggle of HIV.

Michaels own struggle wasn't the easiest although after hard work, tough love, and a very strong support group, Lloyd says that he accounts everything to God and his family. "If it wasn't for them I'd have to say I wouldn't really be here today"

Michaels battle with methamphetamine as a cloud to cover the inability to accept himself with HIV is the reason he's on the show today, it his mission to be an example to other gay men his age that they don't have to fall in step with the societal norm the gay community has set.

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