Sunday, January 8, 2012

Greg Halpen - Self-Mastery Coach and Healer

On Sunday January 15th at 9pm EST, Greg Halpen will be sharing he story on POZIAM RADIO. Greg is a Self-Mastery Coach and Healer

It was a late summer day in August of 1997 when Greg Halpen went to his follow up HIV test appointment. It was result time. He had met someone new, and thought he would FINALLY get tested. But he wasn’t ready for what was in store for him. The news? He tested positive for HIV. That day felt like the last day of the rest of his life.

You see, the virus didn’t make him sick or devour his immune system. It was his emotional reaction that devoured his soul for the next 12 years. Allowing the idea of being HIV positive consume his life, his dreams…he didn’t know realize it, but he lived everyday as though he was going to die.
Then he awakened. After some pretty intense soul-searching, he began to realize that August day in 1997, was the FIRST day of the rest of his life. Even though he would like to see a cure in his lifetime, and end taking the medication, he views being HIV as a gift…

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