Saturday, October 22, 2011

Betsy Yung - Shares her story

This Sunday October 22nd at 9pm EST - Robert and Jack will be speaking with Betsy Yung. After her divorce was final in 1996, Betsy Yung began a relationship with a man a few years younger than herself. In 2000 She discovered that he was exploring the trans-gendered community outside of the relationship. Ultimately, it caused their breakup. Shortly thereafter, Betsy began her most current relationship which came to an end shortly before her diagnosis.

On July 15 of last year Betsy was admitted to the hospital because she couldn't breathe. They didn't diagnose her until they had cut me open and scraped her lungs. When they discovered it was PCP, they tested her and she was given an AIDS diagnosis with 27 CD4 cells. She spent eight days on life support hovering near death. Hindsight being what it is, she realized that she had numerous warning signs over the previous few years... Shingles, thrush, UC and swollen glands. None of her doctors ever even suggested that she get tested. After all, She didn't fit the "at risk" demographic at all.

Betsy discloses freely to anyone who expresses any interest and have been surprised by how supportive people can be when you share yourself honestly with them. She also believes that disclosing is a great opportunity for teaching people that anyone can be at risk.

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