Friday, September 9, 2011

Living Native with HIV - Larry Estrada

On Sunday September 11th at 9pm EST, Robert Breining and Jack Mackenroth will be speaking with Blogger Larry Estrada on POZIAM radio show.  Check out Larry's Blog - Living Native with HIV

Larry Estrada was diagnosed with HIV on August 5th 1998. He has volunteered at the Billy De Frank center teaching and educating youth about HIV/AIDS. In 1998 Larry has earned his 13.2 CEU credits with the state of Kansas in August of 2006 after earning his LPN nursing degree from the state of Kansas in 2003. He has worked in the Nursing field and HIV/AIDs prevention field in his spare time for numerous years.

Has always been an HIV/AIDS advocate teaching Community classes to youth and adults alike since his diagnosis. He Has worked with Hunter Health Clinic and other native organizations around Kansas since he moved to Kansas in 02. Has taken Classes to further his education to help Native and non native youth alike and has Volunteered at Wichita's River View Retreat and helped with Any town USA to help build tolerance and education with the LGBTQI community as well as his Native Community he is an enrolled member of the Anishnabe Nation and speaks his language.

Mr. Estrada partakes in Native ceremony and holds classes with the native youth, as well as sits a drum and is a drum keeper himself. Has been given the right to be firekeeper through ceremony and is a Native American Traditionalist. He continues to volunteer his time educating at gatherings and speaking on reservations to elders and youth alike about the Dangers and prevention of HIVAIDS and other STI's as well As hep-c infection. Mr. Estrada currently lives in Wichita KS and plans to move to the Tulsa Oklahoma area in the next year or so.

Join us LIVE Sunday September 11th at 9pm EST

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