Tuesday, January 18, 2011

POZ-I-AMers Standing Up

Who are POZ-I-AMers ?
Members of the POZ-I-AM network

What is POZ-I-AM ?
POZ-I-AM is a social support network for people living with HIV/AIDS. POZIAM is an assortment of family, friends, newbies and long-term survivors; specifically founded to benefit both those infected and affected. POZ-I-AM offers a safe place to ask questions, share experiences, find support and build new friendships. Join Today

Over the last year I asked my fellow POZ-I-AMers to make videos testimonials to use in a POZ-I-AM video montage. I wanted to create a video to offer hope to those living with the disease. I wanted people who are newly diagnosed HIV+ to be aware that there is a place for them to talk and meet others in the same boat.

"POZ-I-AMers are individuals reclaiming their statuses with PRIDE."

POZ-I-AMers Standing Up

I want to personally thank the following people- Mark S. King, Brian Finch, Christopher Myron & Janine Brignola for submitting their videos. 

Thanks to Bob Bowers, Marvelyn Brown, Justin B. Smith, Jeromy Dunn, Jack Mackenroth, Dab Garner, Scott Kramer and Johnathan Shaw for allowing their images to be used. 

I want send a BIG thank you to Akin Salawu for creating and editing this amazing video for me. 

I also want to thank Justin Utley for allowing us to use his awesome song "Stand for Something" 

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