Monday, December 6, 2010

Larry Bryant - Housing Works

This Sunday at 9pm EST Jeromy Dunn and I will be speaking with Larry Bryant. On this episode Larry will be sharing his story and talking about the work he does to combat HIV and Homelessness through Housing Works.

Larry Bryant is the Director for National Organizing of Housing Works, the nation's largest minority controlled HIV & AIDS non profit organization. Larry works to develop and support grassroots advocacy and activist networks which influence politicians and policy that lead to addressing the factors that lead to ending the HIV & AIDS epidemic in the United States and abroad. Diagnosed himself while a freshman football player at Norfolk State University, Larry has a distinct passion that flows far beyond just spreading awareness - actions must be derived through education, purpose, and passion which ultimately and unapologetically lead to measurable outcomes.

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A native of Washington DC, Larry is an aspiring professional photographer specializing in non-profit photography, essay work, and civil/social justice photojournalism. His shots allows us to see the humanity in art by illustrating the art in humanity - from complex to creative, passionate to passive, the human spirit is featured throughout his work and gives us something far below the surface.

Larry, who was recently named one of Poz Magazine's 'The Poz 100' has one son attending college and currently lives in the Historic Capitol Hill neighborhood in NE Washington D.C.

Sunday December 12th at 9pm EST
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